Licensed Psychologist

Phone: 215-969-2420






My psychological approach is tailored to the unique needs of each individual. I use a variety of psychotherapeutic modalities including cognitive-behavioral, psycho-dynamic, insight oriented, mindfulness training, hypnotherapy and supportive psychotherapy.


People come to a psychotherapist to learn how to cope with emotions and stress, solve relationship difficulties and improve marital relationships.


Some find themselves dealing with a painful past or other traumas.


Some want to address parenting concerns and help their children overcome behavioral and psychological difficulties.


I provide psychotherapy for a wide range of psychological problems, some of which are:


-Panic and Anxiety


-Grief and Loss

-Emotional Traumas

-Stress Reduction

-Women’s Issues

-Uprooting, Migration and Transition

-Children and Adolescents' Behavioral and Emotional Problems

-Relationship and Marital Difficulties





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